Lough Avoher Loop

Bothy at Letterkeen Newport Mayo Republic of Ireland

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A-B. Starting from the Brogan Carroll Bothy follow the red (and blue and purple) arrows. Cross a metal footbridge and turn left onto the Altaconey River. Follow the riverbank for 1km to reach a footbridge. Cross the bridge and turn right.
B-C. Continue to follow the red arrows along the old cattle road. After 1km the blue loop turns right onto a firebreak - you continue straight here.
C-D. Continue to follow the old roadway for approx 2km - crossing a stream en-route. Near the end of a section of forestry (on your right) watch for the point where the loop turns into the forestry via wooden posts. The more challenging purple loop continues straight - but you turn right here.
D-E. Now follow the track into forestry and join a sandy roadway which takes you along the side of Lough Aroher (on your right). Over 1km later, at a sharp right bend, the loop proceeds straight onto a green track. Follow the track as it ascends for 500m to rejoin the purple loop - then continue through Sheep’s Pass and descend to reach a forestry road where you turn right.
E-A. Follow the forestry road for almost 2km to rejoin the blue loop as it comes in from your right. Veer left and follow the blue, red and purple arrows as the loop takes you onto and along the Altacroney River for 2km to regain the trailhead.

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Bothy at Letterkeen Newport Mayo Republic of Ireland


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