Lisleibane Looped Walk

Beaufort Kerry Republic of Ireland

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A-B. Starting from the trailhead at the exit from Cronin’s Yard follow the purple arrow along the sandy path for 1km to reach a footbridge over the Caol River. Shortly afterwards you reach a Y-junction above a second footbridge. This is the point from where the loop ‘proper’ begins - you will return to here later - for now veer left.
B-C. Follow the purple arrows across a stile and onto the left bank of the Gaddach River. After 500m you reach a clump of trees where the loop turns sharp left off the river, and crosses a short section of open ground to join the right bank of the Caol River. Follow the river uphill for 500m - but watch carefully for a point where the loop veers right, crosses over a ridge, and descends at an angle to reach a Y-junction in the Gaddach River. Joining the riverbank - turn left.
C-D. Following the purple arrows along the riverbank for 500m you reach Lough Callee where the loop crosses to the other side of the river and joins a sandy path. Turn right here and start the descent toward the trailhead. After 500m cross a stream via stepping stones and, after 1km, you reach a Y-junction of paths. The path to the left is the route back to another trailhead at Lisleibane - you veer right (downhill) and cross the Gaddach River again at a metal footbridge. Almost immediately after the footbridge - you regain the point mentioned at B above from where you started the loop - this time veer left.
D-A. Follow the sandy path as it takes you back across the footbridge over the Caol River and back to the trailhead.

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Beaufort Kerry Republic of Ireland


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