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Mangan\'s Lane Tinahely Wicklow Republic of Ireland

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NOTE: The Trailhead is situated at the top of Mangan’s Lane. The 2km old lane is narrow and unsuitable for vehicular traffic but provides wonderful views of the village below. Walking to the trailhead is recommended (from the Village Square or GAA Carpark) – see directions below. A-B. From the trailhead follow the green (and blue and purple) arrows along Mangans Lane. The blue and purple arrows are for longer loops. After 100m pass a gateway and continue along the lane to reach a 3-way junction with a green roadway where you join the Wicklow Way (a long distance walking route marked with the familiar yellow walking man and arrows). The loop proper begins here - you will return to this point from the opposite direction - for now, turn right. Now the loop ascends gently to reach a Y-junction of tracks at a memorial cross. The Wicklow Way, the blue loop and purple loop all continue straight here - but you veer left.B-C. Continue to follow the green roadway as it gradually ascends to reach a ditch - and then swings left to ascend fairly steeply to a summit near a Motte Stone. The loop continues over the summit and descends gently across open ground to the corner of forestry. Here the blue loop rejoins from your right. Follow the green and blue arrows along the left of the forestry (wire fence on your right) to reach a waymarker which directs you left. At this point the purple loop rejoins you from the opposite direction. Turn left here. C-A. Follow the green, blue and purple arrows downhill for 500m to join a green track and swing left. This track takes you to a T-junction with the Wicklow Way - turn left here, follow the roadway for 100m to reach the 3-way junction at A above - this time proceed straight ahead - it’s only 200m back to the trailhead.Tinahely is a market village in County Wicklow. It lies south of the Wicklow Mountains in a valley of the River Derry - close to the borders of Co. Carlow and Co. Wexford. The old Courthouse occupies the centre of the square - and is now a centre for the promotion of arts and culture: hosting exhibitions, lectures, concerts etc throughout the year. The area is largely agricultural and the town hosts an Agricultural Show on the first Monday of August (a bank holiday) each year. It is one of the largest shows of its kind in Ireland and attracts up to 20,000 visitors and exhibitors. This tranquil village gives walkers access to a range of stunning walks and hikes and Tinahely Walkers Welcome continue to work to promote their village as a key walking area. In addition to this looped walk (which is one of a trio), walks have been developed in Tomnafinnoge Wood (one of the last remnants of the oak woodlands which once blanketed south Wicklow). The Wicklow Way (long-distance linear route) also passes close to this picturesque village.

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Mangan\'s Lane Tinahely Wicklow Republic of Ireland


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