Slish Wood

Carrowroe Sligo Town Sligo Republic of Ireland

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This walk is an easy to follow route all the way, the best way to begin is from the north end of the car park and walk along the track beyond with the lake and its tiny wooded islands glimpsed through lovely deciduous trees close on the left. After approx a mile the track rises and at the first fork go right, continue to the tee close to the car park and turn left for it.Slish Wood is a perfect walk for people of all ages, particular enjoyable for a day out for all the family. Visitors will enjoy the Forest’s Flora and Fauna such as Wood Rush and briar. Mute Swan, duck and heron may be observed on the lake while blackbird, thrush, lark and pigeon can be found in the woodland. Badger, fox and fallow deer are common.Oaks some 250 years old are scattered throughout the area. The main species plantedare Norway spruce, Sitka spruce, scots pine, lodge pole pine, grand fir, silver fir, whitebeam, birch and holly.

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Carrowroe Sligo Town Sligo Republic of Ireland
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