Lúb na Cille

Dunquin Kerry Republic of Ireland

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A-B. Leaving the car park of The Blascaoid Centre, turn left and follow the green arrow for 200m to reach a crossroads. Cross the road with caution and follow the green (and yellow) arrows uphill on a narrow roadway. The yellow arrows are for the long-distance Dingle Way - you will be overlapping with it for a short distance. After 500m the roadway rounds a right bend - watch for a sandy lane on your left. Turn left here. After 30m veer right at a Y-junction and continue to follow the green and yellow arrows as the loop ascends gently to reach a ‘crossroads’ of lanes where the Dingle Way goes straight - but you turn left. B-C. Follow the sandy lane as it takes you around a large rocky outcrop (An Mionnáin Mor) and then descends to reach the R559. Cross the road with care and descend gently to reach a track that runs parallel to the coastline. Be aware that there are cliffs on your right as you follow the path for nearly 1km to reach a dilapidated building which served as the schoolhouse in the film Ryan’s Daughter. At the end of the building there is a spur to your left to St Gobnait’s Well (50m) and St Gobnait’s Church (Cill Gobnait) 100m. The loop continues straight on.C-D. After 100m the loop joins wire fences and follows them along the indented coastline for nearly 1km - be aware that there are cliffs on your right. At the end of this section you exit a kissing gate and join a sandy roadway at a footbridge. Turn left here. D-A. Follow the sandy roadway uphill for 200m to reach the trailhead!

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Dunquin Kerry Republic of Ireland


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