Cailleach Beara Loop

Molly Gallivan\'s Tourist Centre Bonane Kerry Republic of Ireland

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A-B. From the trailhead follow the blue (and green and purple) arrows through the gate and onto the farm laneway. The green arrows are for a shorter loop - the purple arrows for a longer loop. Enjoy the journey through the traditional Irish farmyard as the laneway ascends to reach the top of the hill behind the farem. Now the loop descends and crosses the main road before descending along a farm roadway to reach an iron bridge over Esk Stream. Cross the bridge, turn right and follow the laneway to join a surfaced roadway. All three loops turn right here.
B-C. Now the loops join with the Beara Way - a long distance walking route around the Beara Peninsula, and marked with the familiar yellow arrows and walking man. At the second Y-junction note that the Beara Way and purple loop turns left - but you continue straight. Follow the roadway for over 1km and watch for a large hayshed on your right after which the green loop turns right and through a gateway. You continue straight ahead here.
C-D. Continue to follow the blue arrows along the roadway past a number of junctions to reach a right bend where a roadway to your left leads to the Crows Nest. The purple loop rejoins here. Veer right.
D-A. Follow the sand road for 500m to cross Esk Stream at a concrete bridge and onward for another 500m to a T-junction with the MAIN ROAD. Turn right and be aware of traffic for the last 200m back to the trailhead.

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Molly Gallivan\'s Tourist Centre Bonane Kerry Republic of Ireland


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