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Rockchapel Cork Republic of Ireland

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The Mullaghareirk Mountains have three rivers rise within these mountains - the Feale, the Allow and the Caher. The Glashawee River rises nearby marks the Cork-Limerick border. This loop is one of two which start and finish at the trailhead. They all use roadway through forestry which is mainly coniferous but also includes Beech, Larch, Rowan, Laurel, Hawthorn and Silver Birch. Some of the loops traverse bogland which has its own unique flora and fauna. The flora menu includes Heather, Fern, Bog Cotton, Furze and Fuchsia. Amongst the four-legged inhabitants are Sika Deer, Red Fox, Badger, Hare, Rabbit, Stoat, and the native Red Squirrel. Birdlife includes the Skylark, Cuckoo, Thrush, and the Short-eared Owl. The Mullaghareirk Mountain Range has been designated a Special Protection Area (SPA) for the Hen Harrier - and a small number of the very scarce Red Grouse nest here. Features of interest include two old limekilns which were used to burn lime in the 1800’s and afterwards. An old house situated close to the trailhead originally belonged to the family of the Mac Auliffe’s (Clanawley). In the neighbouring village of Rockchapel, is an excellent Heritage and Cultural Centre; Bruach Na Carraige, hosts music seisúins on a regular basis.A-B. Facing the mapboard turn left and follow the green (and blue) arrows along the forestry road beside the Glashawee River. After 1km you reach a sharp left ben d – turn left here.B-C. Follow the forestry road south for another 1km to reach a T-junction of tracks. Turn left and head west for 500m where the loop swings sharp left facing north again. After 100m, you reach a 3-way junction where the blue loop turns right. You proceed straight here.C-D. Continue to follow the forestry road for 2km to a 3-way junction where you rejoin the blue loop coming from your right. Turn left here.D-A. The trailhead is only 500m.

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Rockchapel Cork Republic of Ireland


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