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Killarney Kerry Republic of Ireland

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Providing an exploration of Killarney National Park and surrounding landscape, mostly by walking, but with some cycling and boat hire, in the hands of an experience ecologist. The emphasis is on discovering the secrets of our native habitats (including ancient woodland, mountain bog and moor, and waterways such as rivers and lakes) with respect to flora and fauna, geology, history and folklore. This activity holiday is not intended as a \'get fit\' exercise, but to unearth the wonder of the natural landscape in this beautiful part of Ireland.Killarney, with its majestic mountains, lakes, rivers and relatively unspoilt natural world, is home to Ireland’s largest National Park, old oak woodlands, expansive moors and last remaining native red deer population, along with a wealth of other wildlife. Its beauty has been celebrated for generations.A little beyond the mainstream tourism is a vast unspoilt natural beauty, where many visitors do not venture. AND…. you do not need to climb to the top of the Kerry mountains to access this world! Much of it is within relatively easy walking distance from Killarney town and its immediate environs.This guided holiday can show you these places in the hands of an Ecologist who can interpret and enhance your experience. It will give you a greater appreciation of the locality, and bring you to places you would likely not visit and view it from a more intimate perspective. You do not need to research, plan and organise what best to do while in the area. Kerry Nature Trails can do this for you and hopefully you will glimpse the magic all around us!The key aims of Kerry Nature Trails are to:• Get beyond mainstream tourism and gain an insight into a world apart.• Explore the ecology, history, folklore, music, geology and magic of the region.• Enjoy a diverse range of activities including walking, cycling and boating at a medium pace.• Share a night of home cooking, music and fun.

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Killarney Kerry Republic of Ireland
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