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Shannon, Clare

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Shannon Estuary LoopHastings Farmhouse was one of a number of farmhouses located along the old routeway into Tullyvarraga which can still be traced today along what is known as the Slí na Mara boreen. The farmhouse was located at the end of the boreen close to Illaunamanagh Point and within a few hundred metres of the Shannon Estuary. The site is beautifully sheltered in the lee of the hillside. Brigadier Lucas of the British Army was held at Hastings Cottage for one month during the War of Independence (1919 - 1921). A \'difficult\' prisoner, he demaneded a bottle of whiskey a day - but helped wiht the hay making. His capture was a major propaganda coup for the IRA. Lucas was transferred to the Limerick Brigade and released toa British Army patrol which was ambused later the same day by Dan Breen. Lucas escaped. A Stone Age (Neolithic ) axe found in 1977 at Tullyglass Point indicates settlement in the area going back 4,500 years. The axe was manufactured in Antrim and likely arrived at the site via water. Vikings settled in the area of Tullyglass in C.843. The earliest embankments to Bunratty were built at the time. Illaunmanagh LoopIllaunameanagh likely derives its name from the \'meanagh\' meaning \'middle\': it being the middle island situated between Inniscullen and Illaunagowan. Most if the \'points\' in the locality were originally islands before the embankments were built or improved. However McLysaght, the noted historian comes down in favour of the meaning \'monks island\'. This is a likely meaning as the estuary was the means by which all the early monks moved about and numerous settlements exists on the other nearby islands.

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Shannon, Clare


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