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Killarney Kerry Republic of Ireland

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Have you ever wondered how people produced bronze axes 4,000 years ago? Or why sphagnum moss was collected from Irish bogs to treat wounded warriors?If you are intrigued by such matters then you\'re sure to enjoy an informative guided walk with local man Neil O\' Sullivan.Neil has a lifelong interest in historic sites in the Kerry/Cork area and the lifestyles of our prehistoric ancestors.He is also a great lover of nature, with a particular interest in the traditional, medicinal and culinary uses of wild plants.The walks are done at a relaxed pace over routes suited to the demands of the group, which is kept small to ensure personal attention. As you walk, Neil will weave stories and images from past and present in an engaging, informal way, offering a unique insight into Ireland\'s culture and heritage.

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Killarney Kerry Republic of Ireland
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