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Ballintubber Mayo Republic of Ireland

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Tóchar Phádraic pre-dates Christianity and was probably built around 350AD, as the main route from Cruachán (seat of the kings of Connaught) to Cruachán Aigle, the pagan name for Croagh Patrick. Guided walks can be arranged from Ballintubber.As you walk the Tóchar\', whether on foot or in fantasy, you will be going not only on a spiritual pilgrimage, but on a cultural and historical journey down through the ages also. And both experiences, if fully entered into, should bring about the change of heart and insight of mind which is essential to a pilgrim\'s progress.Tóchar Phádraig predates Patrick. It was probably built around 350 A.D., and was the main route from Rath Cruachan, the seat of the kings of Connacht, to Cruachán Aigle, the mountain sacred to our pagan ancestors. Since Patrick\'s time, 441 A.D., it became a Christian pilgrim route and was known as Tóchar Phádraig or Patrick\'s Causeway.

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Ballintubber Mayo Republic of Ireland
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