Inishbofin Cloonamore Loop Walk

Inishbofin Community Centre Inishbofin Galway Republic of Ireland

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A-B. Starting from the mapboard at the top of the pier, turn left and follow the red (and purple and blue) arrows. The purple and blue arrows are for other loops. After approx 200m you reach a junction at the Pound Road - turn right here and ascend to reach a crossroads. Note that the blue and purple loops turn left her - but you turn right.
B-C. Continue to follow the red arrows along the road for nearly 2km (passing a number of road junctions) to reach a gateway with stile on your left. Cross the stile and join a bog road.
C-D. Enjoy your trek along the bog road into Cloonamore for more than 500m until it peters into a track. Then watch for the red arrow which turns you sharp right into open ground - a short section leads you to another bog road at which you turn right. Almost 1km later you reach another gateway with stile - cross it to rejoin a tarred road and turn left. Approx 200m later you join the sandy beach and turn right onto a path on the top shore.
D-A. Continue to follow the path as it becomes a green road - to join a surfaced roadway again in a cluster of houses. Turn left and follow the surfaced road for 300m to a junction where you veer right and, after another 300m take a sharp right bend. The next section road takes you past the ruins of St Colman’s Church (on your left); 300m later you rejoin the blue loop coming in from your right. Now follow the red and blue arrows for just 150m before turning left and descending to the quay area where you turn right. Follow the road for 500m past the church and back to the pier.

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Inishbofin Community Centre Inishbofin Galway Republic of Ireland
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