Kilbrittain Slí na Sláinte

Kilbrittain Cork Republic of Ireland

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Crossing the bridge, continue along the lane until you reach your first km point. Shortly after the first km point you take a left turn. To your right you have Glanduff townlands or Gleann Dubh meaning Dark Glen. At the east was a corn mill while at the west is Barnyareigh Crossroads - Bearna hEirghe (gap in the rising ground).To your left you will see the Tidal Mudflats, dotted with salt marsh islands, which are ideal for roosting waders and wildfowl at high tide. The salt marshes are a habitat of saltwater plants including Glasswort, annual Seabhte and Salt Marsh Grass (Puccinellia). Walking along the Slí route to your right is Garranfeen townland. The South side is known as Harbour View. At the beginning of the causeway you will see the second Km point. Return by the same route to bring the distance covered to 4km.Recommended as a daytime walk.

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Kilbrittain Cork Republic of Ireland


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