Lub Dun Eochla - Inis Mór

Inis Mor Kilronan Galway Republic of Ireland

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A-B. Facing the Tourist Office, turn left and follow the green (and blue and purple) arrows for 50m to reach stone steps and a laneway on your right. (The blue and purple arrows are for longer loops). Climb the steps and join a laneway which takes you via the Heritage Centre to join a surfaced road where you turn right. After 300m watch for a roadway on your right at Joe Watty’s Bar. Turn right here and, after only 50m turn left again. You are now on the ‘lower’ road.B-C. Follow the lower road for 1.5km to a junction with a roadway on your left signposted Teampaill Chiarain - turn left here. After 50m pass Teampaill Chiarain on your left as the loop swings right and uphill. After 50m veer right onto and follow a laneway for 500m to rejoin the lower road where you turn left. After 200m pass a signpost for Teampaill Asurnaí and shortly after watch for a stony laneway on your left. Here this loop leaves the blue and purple loops - turn left.C-D. Follow the laneway as it ascends to reach the surfaced ‘upper’ road. Turn right but almost immediately turn left at a laneway. For the next 300m the loop ascends to reach the access to Dún Eochla (on your left). The loop turns right here and over the next 1km follows a narro laneway to reach a junction with the ‘coast’ road (sandy roadway) where you rejoin the blue and purple loops and turn left.D-A. The loop begins to descend as it makes its way back to Kilronan. Over the next 2km you pass a number of tracks - continue straight at all of them. You reach a sandy beach at a T-junction (An Poll Mór) where you turn left. Enjoy the last 1km back to the village.

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Inis Mor Kilronan Galway Republic of Ireland


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