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Ballinaboola Woods Car Park Ardpatrick Limerick Republic of Ireland

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Ardpatrick lies at the foot of the north slopes of the Ballyhoura Mountains, on the edge of the Golden Vale. Ballyhoura is a walker’s paradise offering the beauty and tranquility of quiet country roads, riverbanks, rugged mountains, rich bogs, and mythical landscapes.Directions to trailheadA-B. Starting from the trailhead, follow the green (Knockduv) and purple (Ballinaboola) arrows uphill from the car park. After 300m you reach a crossroads from where the loop begins. You will return to here later-for now turn left.B-C. Follow the forestry road for 800m to reach a 3 way junction where both loops veer right and uphill. Now follow a 1 km ascent along forestry road along which the loop is crossed by cycle tracks. At the top of the climb the loop swings right and after 100m is joined by the long distance Ballyhoura way (yellow arrows) at a 3 way junction. Continue straight at this junction, after 100m turn left and uphill. C-D. Now the loop descends and after more than 1km you reach a y-junction where the Knockduv loop (green arrows) veers right and the Ballinaboola loop (Purple arrows) veers left and uphill. D-E. Continue on the purple arrows for the Ballinaboola loop where the loop ascends again and gives you good views of the surrounding countryside. After 2km it descends and reaches a crossroads where it rejoins the Ballyhoura way (yellow arrows) and turns right.E-A. A straight section of almost 800m takes you to a T-junction where you turn right after another 2km you regain the crossroads you started the loop from. This time turn left (downhill) and enjoy the last 300m back to the trailhead.Walkers can take an alternative shorter route by followng the green arrows (Knockduv Loop).

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Ballinaboola Woods Car Park Ardpatrick Limerick Republic of Ireland
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