Lough Boora - Mesolithic Loop Walk

Lough Boora Parklands Kilcormac Offaly Republic of Ireland

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Discover the beauty of the habitats of Lough Boora Discovery Park on the Lough Boora Mesolithic Loop Walk which follows a trail through the Leabeg Wetland and Mesolithic site. Keep your eye out for whooper swans, purple moor-grass, skylarks, hares and foxes along the way.Go walking on the Mesolithic Loop Walk, one of the more interesting walking trails in Ireland. The route follows the beautiful southern shore of Lough Boora before veering north after crossing the old railway embankment and following the eastern bank of the canal known locally as the canoe course. Upon reaching the end of the canal, the trail runs south along a ride line in the forest before turning west along a broad access road which leads to the Mesolithic site.About Lough Boora Discovery Park:The Lough Boora Discovery Park is a beautiful new landscape hidden at the centre of Ireland, a paradise for anyone who loves walking. In recent years large tracts of bog have been turned into cutaway—areas of bogland that have come out of production once all commercial peat has been removed.In 1994 the Lough Boora Parklands Group produced an integrated plan for the Boora cutaways that would embrace environmental and socio-economic concerns. Through a creative combination of nature and design, beautiful new habitats have emerged on the cutaway bogs of County Offaly. Lands cloaked with great raised bogs for 10,000 years, and harvested for energy since the 1940s, have today become a unique and welcoming habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.

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Lough Boora Parklands Kilcormac Offaly Republic of Ireland
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