Ireland - Pocket-Sized Travel Guide 2017

Ireland - Pocket-Sized Travel Guide 2017


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This first edition of the Ireland Pocket-Sized Travel Guide aims to give you all of the most important travel information to both plan and guide your trip around Ireland. This ebook has been designed to be well organised in a clear and concise format so that you don't have to spend hours collating information or navigating through hundreds of pages to get to the heart of the most vital travel information. The ebook could see you confidently arriving and travelling around Ireland with ease. What's more, given the local website links and travel information provided you could easily compliment the ebook and reduce the need to purchase any overly priced travel guides or information that might take hours to read and research.

Travel Information inside includes:

• Full Coloured Map of Ireland
• Weather Patterns
• Tourist Seasons
• Important Things to Know
• National Travel Services
• Dos and Don'ts of Travelling
• Safe Travel Tips
• Tons of Useful Local Websites
• And much much more…

Given the vast array of websites and complementary information provided, this ebook would best be experienced using a device that has access to the internet. Therefore, it will provide vital travel information which will become a valuable reference point for both planning and travelling throughout Ireland in 2017.